Current Semester Courses

In fall 2023 I am teaching Econometrics (Econ 385).
Wait list policy:

  • I admit students to my courses on a space-available basis giving priority to students who have submitted ranked requests, are majors, and then usually (but not always) with respect to seniority. Note: ranked requests can only be submitted during adjustment period.
  • With finance electives, I generally give lower priority to students who have already taken a previous finance course, at Wesleyan or elsewhere, as there is some content overlap between finance courses. 
  • I will inform you via email after the first class meeting if you will be admitted to the course. I keep an active wait list in the event students drop the course in the early part of the drop/add period (up until the 3rd class meeting for classes that meet twice a week and after the first course meeting for classes that meet once a week). However, I will not admit any additional students from the wait list once the class meets for the third time (or second time for once a week courses) regardless of whether any additional spaces open up.
  • Please note: In compliance with University regulations, class attendance will not be considered as part of the “add” admission decision. The only items I use to determine admission is whether a student has filed a formal enrollment request, and, if applicable, how it is ranked.
Pre-requisite overrides policy:

  • If there is space available in a class during add/drop after accomodating all interested students who meet the pre-reqs, I may consider giving an override.
  • Please note: I’ve given just a handful of overrides to students over the years.

Prior Semester Courses

With links to the most recent syllabus for each course.

Economics 227: Introduction to Financial Analysis
Fall 2015 Syllabus, Fall 2014, Fall 2012, Fall 2011
Economics 300: Quantitative Methods in Economics
Fall 2022 Syllabus, Spring 2022, Fall 2019, Spring 2019, Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017, Spring 2014, Spring 2011, Fall 2010, Spring 2007, Fall 2006, Spring 2006, Fall 2005
Economics 327: The Global Firm
Spring 2022 Syllabus, Spring 2019, Spring 2018
Economics 328: Investment Finance
Fall 2018 Syllabus, Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Spring 2014, Fall 2012, Spring 2011, Spring 2010, Spring 2008, Spring 2006
Economics 329: Corporate Finance
Spring 2023 Syllabus, Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2019, Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2013, Spring 2012, Fall 2010, Fall 2007, Fall 2005
Economics 330: The Multinational Enterprise
Spring 2020 Syllabus, Fall 2016, Spring 2013, Fall 2011
Economics 385: Econometrics
Fall 2023 Syllabus, Spring 2023, Fall 2021, Spring 2020, Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Spring 2010, Spring 2008